We are revolutionizing truck freight transport.

With our innovative technologies, we will make transportation faster, safer and more ecological in the future, thus creating more attractive working conditions.

Our vision is the intelligent logistics of the future.


Our mission is to enable efficient and sustainable freight transport through innovative technologies.

Funding project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Start of project STAFFEL

AI-powered platform for data-driven relay traffic

"We are reinventing road haulage and bringing the stagecoach principle to the road: MANSIO breaks up long routes into legs and assigns them to regional carriers. Transport interruptions due to rest periods become superfluous, as does the daily search for a parking space. In this way, we make long-distance transport faster, safer, more environmentally friendly and more attractive for truck drivers."
Dr. Maik Schürmeyer

Lead logistics into the future with us.

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